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Audio Visual Support: External Room Bookings

See what the Innovation Commons has available to borrow to support digital learning and teaching.

Room Bookings through EMS

Guidelines for Third Party Room & Venue Bookings 

Information on booking rooms at YukonU Ayamdigut Campus can be found at Room & venue bookings | Yukon University  

Fees for particular venues and AV equipment can be found at Rental & equipment fees | Yukon University - prices are subject to change without notice. 

Free WiFi / Internet access is available through the YukonU guest wireless network. For network security reasons, special arrangements for wired / Ethernet Internet access with non-YukonU devices must be made 14 days in advance.  

Most classrooms have an all-in-one computer with a wireless connection to projector and screen. Standard Microsoft Office applications and Zoom are installed. We are unable to install special / extra software onto YukonU devices. We generally do not support presentations directly from Apple devices. 

There are standard AV setups in the Kaff and at the Pit located at Ayamdigut campus for presentations that need microphones and speakers. We will provide instructions on how to operate this equipment.  

We do not have AV equipment or expertise to support external events outside of the Kaff or the Pit. It's the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that they have made their own arrangements for AV equipment and support during the event.

While on site, services may be limited. Photocopying, printing, and faxing is generally not available during events. While YukonU staff can assist with room setups, we are unable to provide constant monitoring of computer or AV equipment during events.  

Any questions about bookings? Please contact the Scheduling Coordinator at or 867 668 8889

Last updated March 2023