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Study Rooms Booking Page

Book a study room in the Innovation Commons here.

Study Rooms Usage Guidelines 

  1. Each booking is set to 1 hour by default. Students who need to use a room for a longer period may place consecutive bookings for the same room, up to a maximum of 4 consecutive hours per day.

  1. Rooms C2210-C2216 are primarily for YukonU student use. (Staff/faculty need to use the Yukon University Facility Bookings system to see other bookable spaces at the Innovation Commons).

  1. Rooms C2218-C2220 are available for staff and students, on a first come, first served basis. These rooms cannot be booked.

  1. A study room can be used on a first come, first served basis as long as it has not been reserved by someone else. If a room is in use by a person who has not reserved it, the person who booked the room will have priority for the space.

  1. A person can't book more than 1 room under her/his name for the same day and time.

  1. The self-booking online form and room schedule are available here:

  2. In the case of double booking, the booking that is registered first by the system gets priority for the space. Contact library staff at the Innovation Commons desk if you have questions.

  3. Rooms can be booked no more than 1 week in advance

  1. To cancel or modify a booking, check your booking confirmation email and click on the appropriate links for "Cancel" or "Reschedule".

  1. Innovation Commons is not responsible for student’s personal property. When students leave the room, they must take their personal property with them. Huddle rooms are always kept unlocked.

  1. Before leaving the room, users must make sure the space is in good working order (no garbage, furniture must be back in the same place as found, etc.).

  1. Library staff reserve the right to cancel or shift any booking if not in compliance with these terms or if the space is abused.

Equipment & Furniture Available for use at the Study Rooms

Each room is equipped with a mobile desk (bigger rooms may have two desks), rotating chairs, writable wall, digital TV with HDMI connections, and a computer connected to the main printer at the Innovation Commons. Additionally, a laptop can be borrowed for use in the Study Rooms.

To use the equipment, pay attention to these guidelines.

  1. Contact the Innovation Commons team before moving furniture from one room to another, if having problems connecting to the HDMI port at the back of the TV, or if attempting to change the angle of the mobile desks. Inappropriate handling can result in damage to the furniture, and the user may be liable for the damage.

  1. Remote controls, HDMI cables, or laptops are available to borrow at the Innovation Commons front desk. To borrow equipment, patrons must be YukonU students and have a current library account.

  1. Remote controls and HDMI cables can be used for up to 4 hoursfor use in the Innovation Commons only. Library laptops can be borrowed for up to one week.

  1. When borrowing library laptops, we highly recommend patrons save their files to Office 365 or a USB drive. Any remaining personal files will be deleted from the device.

  1. Overdue fines will apply for remote controls, HDMI cables, or laptops not returned by the specified time. Overdue charges for laptops are $10/day