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Audio Visual Support: Audio Visual

See what the Innovation Commons has available to borrow to support digital learning and teaching.

Canon EOS Digital Camera


          Camera Format: SLR

          Image file format: JPEG, 12-bit Raw

          Continuous mode frames/s: 2.9




"Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS" by Billy Wilson Photography is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Laptop, Projector, Microphone & Webcam



        Adesso webcam

       Connects with USB




Image from

         P300 NEO Pico Projector3

         Includes tripod

         Holds battery for 2.5 hours

         Connect with an HDMI cable for digital input or a mini VGA cable. 

         Size: 3 cm x 14 cm x 9 cm (HxWxD)


           Optoma LED Projector

           Includes universal 24-pin to VGA cable and remote control

           Can also connect with an HDMI cable




                 Blu-ray support via HDMI

                 Size: 11 cm x 30 cm x 22 cm( HxWxD)


           H2next Handy Recorder

           Records in WAV and MP3

           Over 20 hours of battery life

           Includes 2GB SD card

Mobile Dry Erase Easel



 Borrow for group work use in the Innovation Commons.




VOIP conference station


Omnidirectional microphone




2 Dell laptops available to borrow





        Targus wireless presenter

         Works with both PCs and Macbooks



           Blue Snowball microphone

           Includes USB digital output cable

           Works with Mac and PC




Logitech and other assorted brand of headphones.

Some connect with USB, others with AUX.



       Logitech Speaker System Z320


      Omnidirectional sound (can place in the middle of a room)


External DVD Player


         Asus ZenDrive

        Mac and PC compatibility

        USB 2.0 type to Type C connections


                                                  Blu ray player.

Projection Screen



 Manual projector screen.

 Available in 2 sizes:

175 cm

135 cm





Flipchart for classroom instruction or to display information.

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